I've finally done it!! I've updated most of the players on the site!!! SWEETNESS!!!!! Now go KNOCK yourself out and have a look. Be careful though, I'm not paying for hospital bills.
     I'm making this post just to say, I'm thinking about going back to Soundcloud. It's such a pain to upload to my Google Docs AND Bandcamp, so I'm just going to use Soundcloud and get a download up and the track up in one. Just so you know, the players will start to look different on here because of this.
     I have officially exterminated the unfinshed project pages. They no longer exist. All of my stuff that is in progress is now under the "Projects in Progress" tab to the left!! Here is a quick link if you are lazy like me!! CLICK ME, I'M LONELY!!!
     I have now kicked off the Projects in progress tab!!! So go check it out and (with gusto fading) look at all the wonderful things that... aren't... finished. Yeah.... CHECK IT OUT!!!!
     I suppose this could go hand in hand with the previous post. One of my friends asked me if I could remake the song "Stacy's Mom," only without the lyrics. It's not exactly a cover, but it's close enough! I'm really excited and it's off to a great start! I'll post a little demo of what I have so far as soon as I get a chance!
I asked a question on my facebook page that says, "If I were to make a cover/rearrange a song, what would you suggest I do?" If you see this here, let me know what you think!

I think it is safe to say that I will no longer be held back by the lack of basic abilities in FL Studio! To celebrate, I have made a new logo and I have learned how to put EQ bars in my videos!! Huzza!!! 

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Part 2

Part 1

     Hey there friends!! I've switched to the new YouTube channel layout!! If you'd like to check that out, then click here!!

    Welcome!! Feel free to browse the links to the left!!!


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